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über-uns-1Who we are

Germany Medical Service is a trademark of Solaris Travel UG.

We are a young, committed team with high competencies in the tourism industry and in the healthcare service. Thus you are doubly in good hands.

We advise and support you comprehensively in all questions in German, English and Arabic


How we work

We have a very transparent working model, where the patient has the direct contact with the Medical establishment regarding all financial issues and invoices. We require a handling fee for each medical file to be handled through our professionals. This fee is paid only once, regardless how long the procedure will take. In This fee are the following services included:

– Search for the suitable medical institute

– Organization of your trip to Germany (accommodations, Transfers & Translations)

– Administration for Entry Visa to the EU

– Medical file assistance

– Emergency Number working 24/7

We have consciously decided to cooperate with big practice communities, special centers and medical clinics to guarantee the best possible care for you.

The advantages of these facilities are:

– Direct contact with the doctors, avoiding the long administrative procedures of the international offices in the University hospitals.

– Specialist for the different diagnosis and treatment

– Lower costs, because these practice communities and centers treat mostly outpatient and operate outpatient. Billing is based to the GOÄ

  and EBM (official scale of charges for doctors). 

– Our Physicians have private beds in well-known hospitals, if it is necessary to stay there.

– Private atmosphere and no mass processing.

– It is clearer, the individual patient does not get lost compared with enormous hospitals.

– The remaining time between medical Appointments can be spent in visiting famous touristic places or shopping tours.

– We organize your stay and take care of all appointments, transportation, and translations. Enjoy your stay and leave anything else to us!